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Pinawa Pike Classic Tournament rules and regulations.

(1)General Rules
As per tournament permit LdB-XX-X this is a catch and release at boat site event. Lengths are recorded by photograph.  It is of the utmost  importance for every participant to make sure  fish are released back into the water in  a timely manner to insure a successful catch and release requirement of the tournament.
Before entering the event every team must show a suitable net and tools to release any fish.
: In Manitoba it is mandatory for anglers to use barbless hooks. A barbless hook is a hook with without barbs or barbs that have been compressed to be in complete contact with the shaft of the hook. Barbless hooks may have barbs on the shank for holding bait. When you are fishing, the hooks attached to all your lines, whether in use or not, must be barbless. Barbed hooks may be kept in the tackle box.  

Violation or the promotion of the violation of using barbed hooks in respect to the mandatory use of barbless hooks in any form will NOT be tolerated and will lead to immediate disqualification.
Live baits:
No Live bait (fish) possession or use are permitted in the Winnipeg River upstream from Seven Sisters Hydro Dam and in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.
All boats have to follow the 2013 Manitoba fishing regulations. The boat captains have to be in possession of valid Pleasure Craft Operator Cards and must follow the rules of safe boating including rules for passengers..

(2)The Tournament
The tournament consists of 2 tournament days October 3rd and October 4th 2015 each day from 8 :00am to 5:00pm.
Zone A Winnipeg River system:  Seven Sisters Hydro Dam to Otter Falls
                                     Zone B Winnipeg River system: Otter Falls to Sturgeon Falls and Rennie River Bridge HWY 307.

All tributary waters in both zones are included as long as they can be reached with the boat directly without crossing land.
All participants must be in possession of an up to date physical map or GPS map of the tournament area to be aware of hazards.

START: To start each tournament day, the designated groups will be lead into the starting areas by the Tournament Marshall boat for each area. All boats will pick up a memory card for their camera at boat side of the Marshall boat. A signal will declare the tournament start.  The contestants can disperse to their fishing grounds in their respective zones.  There is no penalty for a late start!

To end each tournament day, all members of a group of contestants in their zone have to be back by 5pm to drop off the memory card at boat side of the Marshall boat.
Every minute delay after 5pm will penalize the contestants of any boat by the subtraction of one centimeter from their total result.. If a contestant is not present at the Marshall boat of his zone at 5:15pm they are disqualified for the day.
The Marshall boats will have the right of way to return to the marina! The contestants will then make their way back to the marina.


(3)Starting fee
       -(3.1)-  The tournament will consist of a maximum of 50 teams. The teams will be drawn to fish in Zone A or B the first day and they will fish in the opposite zone the next day. No team can cross into the other zone during a Tournament day.  A team consist of 2 members no more and no less. Starting Fees: Pre-paid / Off-site payment (mail in payment)
Youth Team (combined age 45years or less)         $250
Grandpa Team (at least on team member retired)  $250
Last year Teams (at least on team member)            $250
Regular Team                                                         $300
-(3.2)- At least one team member has to be 18 years of age. The first prize is 60% of all paid starting fees.
-(3.3)- If the weather conditions are not suitable for both days the tournament will be held one week later. If weather reduces the tournament to one day or less than the 2 full tournament days the tournament will be counted as completed.  No  refunds will be paid out and the first prize will paid out in the full amount.,

(4)How to Record Fish Caught
Every team will be provided with a new SD-card to be used in their own cameras (2MP minimum). If any team experiences issues during the tournament they will be provided with a second SD-card from the Marshall Boat. However they are responsible for their own equipment to record the data on the memory card.
The Fish is measured and recorded in cm.   An Official Ruler Board will be provided. The length in cm equals points.  The points will be taken from the 5 largest fish caught over the two days (5 largest fish spread out over the 2 days). A picture must be taken and the time of the catch recorded to provide proof of the catch.
Any Muskellunge or Tiger Musky caught is eligible to be counted and will receive 5 extra points.
Photos must follow this format:  the total length measurement will be taken from the tip of the nose to the longest tip of the fish tail at the board’s end showing the left side of the fish. Right side photos are not eligible for count.  Another close up picture from the head is required. Length and time will also be written down in a provided spread sheet.  See rule #5.1 for special instructions for a caught Musky.


(5)If Muskellunge or Tiger Musky are Caught
If Musky or Tiger Musky are encountered an additional Photo will need to be taken with a recognizable background of the area and the position marked on a map.  Also a photo of the lower side of the jaw needs to be taken. Pike have 5 or fewer pores on each side. Muskellunge have 6 to 9 pores on each side of the lower jaw. Data collected will be forwarded to the Manitoba Fisheries (as per Permit).


If any contestant has any concerns about any part before or during the event, they will need to inform the Zones Marshall either immediately or when returning his memory card to the Marshall at the days end.

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